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Australian Gin Hardcover

Today Australian gins are earning recognition for their quality and are winning top awards all over the world. New distilleries are opening at such an astounding rate that no one has published a comprehensive book about Australian Gin, until now.

What is fuelling this boom: consumers are turning their back on the same old imports and want a “craft” experience, distilling laws have been relaxed and simultaneously there is a revival of the cocktail culture both at home and with hipsters opening up cool new bars everywhere. Gin is no longer just an habitual G&T at 6 o’clock, but rather a very versatile and sophisticated drink. Our new Australian distillers are leading the world as they experiment with complex flavours, ageing, and hybrid styles like shiraz gin and green ant gin.

In Australian Gin, David Box and contributors including Jon Lark (KI Spirits), Dave Irwin and Matt Argus (Patient Wolf), Cameron Mackenzie (Four Pillars), Phillip Jones (The Martini Whisperer) and Rick Prosser (Kalki Moon) open up the world of Aussie gin.

Australian Gin covers such subjects such as –

What exactly is gin?
The history of Australian gin
Different gin styles
Starting a distillery
The issues distilleries have to face
How to enjoy gin – and details 78 established distilleries and lists 70 new starters.


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