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Beard Oil

Beard Oil refreshes, moisturises, and protects; using natural ingredients that promote healthy beard growth and prevent breakages.

Carefully formulated to hydrate and replenish. With essential oils and spent gin botanicals to restore the vitality of your skin. + Cruelty-Free + Handcrafted + Australian Made

  •  Masculine scent similar to an aftershave
  • Medium shine
  • Softens beards
  • Works great in cold and dry climates
  • Stops flaking and itching
  • Infused with real gin botanicals


Directions for use: Put 2-3 drops in your palm and massage evenly into clean, dry beard. Massage through to your skin underneath.

Ingredients: Spent gin botanicals (Juniper Berry, Coriander Seed, Lemon Myrtle, Cardamom, Angelica Root), Oil of: Coconut, Argan, Ecliptic Daisy, Sesame, Meadowfoam, Red Raspberry, Aloe Vera, Mangosteen, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil.


Born in the cane fields of Bundaberg.

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