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Chilli Twin Pack

Heres a deal for all the chilli lovers.

1 x Chilli Vodka  

This limited release is a must for the chilli fans amongst us all. Using our Classic Vodka, our expert team then blend a locally produced Peri Peri puree to create this sought after vodka.

Works a treat in a Bloody Mary or in a Blood Moon cocktail with Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Orange and a dash of raspberry cordial.

700ml @ ABV 37%

1 x Chilli Chocolate Liqueur

This limited release takes a favourite from the Kalki Moon range in our Classic Chocolate Hazelnut & Vanilla liqueur and infuses with fresh locally grown Birds Eye Chilli’s.

A lovely subtle blend of Chocolate and Chilli, perfect to sip on a cool winters night.

700ml @ ABV 20%



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