From the beginning we have always had a focus on delivering amazing quality liquids, which in confidence I think we sure have delivered. However, like most things in life we are attracted to objects by the human eye.

It was time for an upgrade.

Our Classic bottle has served us well, but it was time to push our presentation of our brand to the next level.

Our Classic Gin, Pink Gin Liqueur & Classic Vodka are the first to be rolled out in our new custom glass.

Designed by Simon Pendry & Aimee Courtice this sleek, new proprietary bottle, has been custom made by the amazing team at Saverglass.

It shows a sleek design with a solid, but romantic, approach and expertly immerses the element of touch, by including the 2017 Moon phases embossed on the side of bottle. The embossing represents the Moon Phases from the year we opened, which takes you back to an amazing time in our company’s history.

These bottles proudly showcase our commitment to our brand and customers moving forward.

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