Gin. Rum. Liquör. Sensational.

Gin. Rum. Vodka. Liqueur.

A family owned, premium Australian distillery comprising local ingredients and produce. This is Kalki Moon, the brand Australians think when asked, “Gin?”

The true taste of the Bundaberg region.

Bundaberg is a stunning and expansive slice of this country. There’s flowing sugarcane and red soil in one direction and the peaceful ocean shores of Bargara in the other. It’s what makes this region so appealing to tourists and such a key part of Australia’s agricultural space.

Kalki Moon comprises the best of Bundaberg and its produce. Using locally sourced ingredients, like our lemon and cinnamon myrtle, Kalki Moon creates gin and rum that reflects the quality of our agricultural landscape.

Tours & Tastings

Join in on one of Bundaberg’s Must-do Tour experiences.

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Popular Products

Popular Products

A Bundaberg local investing in home.

Our Founder and Head Distiller, Rick Prosser grew up around the glorious cane fields of Bundaberg and they’re what inspired him to create Kalki Moon. He’d been perfecting his distillation technique and his knack for alcohol for over 16 years.

But in March of 2017, he decided it was time to create the Bundaberg Gin: a premium drink that would define the region. That’s when Kalki Moon was born.

Where can you find us?

You can pick up a bottle of Kalki Moon’s fine liquor at most Australian bottle shops.

Born in the cane fields of Bundaberg.

Next time you’re pining for a drop of premium gin, liquor or liqueur, think Kalki Moon. Developed by our artisan distillers here in Bundy, we create a premium drop for the everyday Australian.

Kalki Moon is a premium artisan distillery. You can pick up our bottles of gin, vodka, and liqueurs online, in one of our distributors’ stores, or by dropping into our distillery here in Bundaberg.

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