A unique guy with a unique story, creating a unique gin.

A Distillery inspired by moonlit cane fields

Founded in Bundaberg’s infamous cane fields, Kalki Moon is the region’s artisan distillery. 

It was born here in Bundaberg, with our Founder and Master Distiller, Rick Prosser, taking inspiration from the cane fields.

Kalki Moon comes from the Bundaberg suburb, Kalkie — where Rick and his wife, Kylie built their home. One night, Rick found himself inspired by the view of the cane fields –which span kilometres– and how the full moon shone down on them. It embodied the beauty of this great region, which is exactly what Kalki Moon aspires to do as well.

A Bundaberg local investing in his hometown

In regional towns across Queensland and Australia, there’s a need for locals to invest in their future. It’s on us to create change and develop our region. Bundaberg has been lucky to have Bundaberg Rum, which really put the area on the map, alongside our infamous cane fields.

We believe it’s landmarks like these –whether it be the Bundy Rum and Kalki Moon distilleries, a turtle encounter over at Mon Repos, or a trip out on the south end of the Great Barrier Reef– that attracts visitors, grows our region and its reputation, and builds our economy.

The flow on effects of these landmarks directly influence our next generation and the experience they have in this stunning snippet of Queensland.

After more than 16 years perfecting his craft, Rick made the switch

Our Master Distiller, Rick Prosser had spent 13 years at Bundaberg Rum, where he became one of only 5 in its rich history to become a “Master Distiller”. He achieved five signature bottles in his time there and grew a passion for alcohol production and for the effect these endeavours have on the region. Rick spent another three years working as a freelance alcohol consultant, offering his support to distillers and distilleries.

Then, he decided it was time for his own venture in something completely different, but something he held just as much passion for: gin.

He wanted it to be a family-made labour of love

Rick had achieved a lot of success working for Bundaberg Rum. He’d found reward and fulfillment in working as a freelance consultant to other distillers. But what next? He wanted to start a new venture with his family. And that’s exactly what he did.

Kalki Moon is a family business — with Rick leading the distillery. His wife, Kylie, his son & daughter, plus Mum all work alongside him and share his vision and passion for this new era of gin. Rick believes family is what makes Kalki Moon what it is today.

"There’s an unwavering passion for the gin we’re creating here and we can’t wait to share it with you next time you’re in Bundy."

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