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Dried Lime Wheels

Dried Lime Wheels are just like having a lime in your cupboard and can be added to any food or drinks.  Fresh Bundy Limes are sliced and dehydrated for 16 hrs prior to being packed and sealed.  They are great mixed with Kalki Moon Gin, soups stews or curries.  Add to any drink, hot or cold, alcoholic or non alcoholic.  Lime tea, water, soda water, coke, juice, rum, GIN, the list goes is endless…

Light weight and convenient.  Product contains only LIME with nothing added.  Please tear the heat seal to open and reseal to keep fresh.  Long shelf life guarantee.   Packed with an oxygen absorber in a heat sealed resealable foil pouch.


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Born in the cane fields of Bundaberg.

Next time you’re pining for a drop of premium gin, liquor or liqueur, think Kalki Moon. Developed by our artisan distillers here in Bundy, we create a premium drop for the everyday Australian.

Kalki Moon is a premium artisan distillery. You can pick up our bottles of gin, vodka, and liqueurs online, in one of our distributors’ stores, or by dropping into our distillery here in Bundaberg.

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