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The Mill Rum

Known as “The Mill” – this unique sugarcane spirit has been developed all thanks to the creative juices of Kalki Moon Distillery and Isis Central Sugar Mill. Similar to a White Rum, the flavoursome spirit was first distilled in the rum loving
nation of French Martinque where it is known as ‘Rhum Agricole’ or in Brazil as Cachaça where it is used for its national drink the caipirinha (kai-purr-REEN-yah)

The juice is known for its unique flavour and aromatics, often described as earthy, vegetal, grassy, and herbal.

This spirit makes a beautiful Mojito with Fresh Lime, Sugar Syrup, 30ml of “The Mill” topped with Soda Water.
*Legally not Rum in Australia due to maturation laws*

700ml 50% ABV


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Born in the cane fields of Bundaberg.

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